Writer Discovers Cure for Bad Copy

I wish I could say I was born on a pool table in Bangkok and raised to be a living weapon by my ninja assassin parents, but I'm a writer in Austin, TX.

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Houston Chronicle

SMALL BUSINESS An Ultimate Fighting Championship competitor's success outside the ring faces the next hurdle: Keeping up with his gym's growth Willing to go extra rounds 07/19/2009

VIDEO See some of the action at the gym chron.combusiness IT is very rare that all the stars are aligned perfectly when an entrepreneur ventures into the small business sector. But it appears many factors are lining up just right for Hoger Mixed

Houston Chronicle

Moneymakers / FIVE QUESTIONS WITH CLYDE PRESTOWITZ / Ex-Reagan adviser predicts rise of developing countries 06/22/2005

India China Russia and Latin America are supplying the worlds economy with an unprecedented amount of inexpensive skilled labor in a remarkably short period of time. Eventually one or all of them will become economic powers on par with the U.S

Houston Chronicle

THE CHRONICLE 100 / HEALTH CARE / Medical Center healthy for construction firms / In the often hit-or-miss commercial building industry, hospitals and clinics offer a dependable source of income 05/22/2005

For many of those who make a living on Houstons up-and-down commercial building business the Medical Center is a tonic for that chronic condition. For the last decade the Texas Medical Center has been adding 1 million square feet a year and

Houston Chronicle

SMALL BUSINESS / SPECIALTY STOCK / Rarities come to market / Partners plumb depths to find foreign goods, get them to customers 07/25/2004

WHEN Alex Kogan was a young biologist studying the flora and fauna of the mountains of Uzbekistan he never imagined that one day his life would be devoted to keeping a Houston grocery store stocked with Eastern European goods. But that is how he and